buy stocks internet

i want to buy stocks internet so my family will help me and encourage me to do that . its easy to make that because its a good way to make use my time and my money this will help me to share winning and profit with others ,but i must choose the best company and the best time to choose stocks to buy so its the best way to participate others there business and work . ill do that in the future many times so i want to play this adventure more and more times,my best friends recommended me to to buy stocks internet my money can be increase if have wisdom in buying and selling stocks i have to choose the best company to deal with i must choose and know when i buy and what I buy for example stocks can be raise and fall i must choose the strongest stock in any way at first i made a loss but not mush because i start a small capital but now i start to make profit in the future id like to be experienced in this field this word of business is a good chance to make muse your time and money in a good way BANGKOK, Thailand